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Our Storage Wall system, FREEWALL offers unlimited scope to create efficient storage wall systems, media wall or bespoke lockers in any office environment. Our unique design led approach enables us to create bold or sympathetic statements for any organisation. FREEWALL allows flexible configurations with an array of storage wall unit styles that meet the demands of today’s dynamic businesses. FREEWALL’s Storage Wall is individually designed to fit from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, maximising the amount of storage space available. FREEWALL offers the unique blend of modular space planning footprints with the flexibility of bespoke cabinet frontages that are tailored to each customer’s needs. The storage wall units can be designed to fit around elements within the building structure as well as keeping a fluid feel to the working environment. Many different levels of interaction and privacy can be incorporated not only within an office but to an individual wall of cabinets. FREEWALL’s storage wall offers solutions to new working practices in a way no other storage system can. The ability to change and meet these demands is achieved through the flexibility in storage wall design, which can be shown in applications from personal storage needs using our locker solutions to Audio Visual walls for boardrooms and classrooms. FREEWALL is fundamentally about solving storage problems within the modern office environment. At the heart of any FREEWALL cupboard is the accessories that provide a versatile and efficient way to maximize space. FREEWALL accessories have been designed to the highest standards and are unsurpassed on the choice and specification of the materials, fittings and components used ensuring ease of use and longevity. For peace of mind a variety of security and locking systems can be integrated, ranging from simple combination locks to digital locking systems ensuring your people, information and the organisation are safe and secure. We can supply our storage walls in any finish from MFC, laminates to real wood veneers from all the leading board manufacturers.

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Our storage wall is second to none in terms of quality, versatility, and customisation options. We work hard to deliver a top of the range product for our clients, to ensure that your projects are finished to the highest standard, in the quickest possible time. Whether you're in the market for strictly functional, modular storage, or something a little more special and bespoke to liven up your work environment, Superior Storage Solutions offer a range of units that can't be beaten. Our storage wall systems are made of several modular pieces, that fit together to form runs of units. Our standard double-door module widths are 800, 1000 & 1200mm, single-door module widths 400, 500 & 600mm, both options available in depths of 430, 500 & 600mm. Our storage wall system is easily the most versatile product on the market. We can adapt to almost any ceiling height, or desk height required, through our highly customisable unit designs. All the doors on our units can be increased, or decreased, on increments of 32mm. With minimum height of 250mm and a max of 2522mm, we can create units as low as 400mm, all the way up to 2790mm and beyond with the use of extension panels.

FREEWALL - Hot Desking & Open Office Areas....

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OFFICE SPACES: We understand that your office spaces are the backbone of your company. Be they large open plan expanses, or a private executive office, our storage wall solutions and pre-built units can take your work environments to the next level. The need for storage in office spaces is huge. These can range from simple shelving units for folders and boxes, to more complicated alcove units to house printers and shredders. With our modular storage wall system, there's no end to the solutions we can conjure.
WAITING AREAS: First impressions matter. Our storage solutions can enhance the look of any reception room or waiting area, giving a sleek and modern look that can't be replicated by metal units; and with our premium finishes, your waiting areas could really dazzle perspective clients and employees. Our storage wall is far from just aesthetically pleasing in these areas though. This is the perfect area to utilise our many unit accessory combinations for things such as garment storage. Or why not add some of our integrated seating systems Cosywall.

BREAKOUT AREAS: Happy workers are productive workers. Why not give your break areas a boost with our designed storage systems. With a wealth of options and possibilities, we can create just what your workforce needs to help them stay motivated and focused. Give your employees their own personal lockers, or just somewhere to unburden themselves from their heavy possessions. Be it locker units with manifestations to really brighten up their rest environment or built-in storage wall to maximise space and keep things neat.
HOT DESKS: Hot Desks are a great way to make use of your office space, allowing your employees to have a little more freedom of movement so they can make better use of their time. It does come with one problem though. The traditional set up of having a dedicated pedestal for storage is becoming a thing of the past, we're here to step in and offer new solutions. Our locker systems can be fitted with a wide array of locks, from your standard key to single use combination locks. Perfect for a locker with no fixed owner, that you might find yourself needing in a flexible work environment.

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BOARDROOMS: Boardrooms and meeting rooms are the brain centres of your workplace, the place where all the important and high-flying decisions get made. We can provide all manner of storage solutions to enhance your space and help keep your meeting areas looking clean and modern. We can provide you with places to store important files, places for coats and garments, or even large media units for mounting a TV. Use your imagination and allow us to take your boardrooms to the next level.
CLASSROOMS: Classrooms initially seem like an unlikely candidate for needing extra storage. But the more you think about it, the more it makes sense; all those books and teaching resources need to live somewhere. Why settle for something dull when you could have something special? An engaging learning environment inspires happy pupils. Our specialised Teacher wall products are meticulously designed for each individual classroom, making them one of the most bespoke items we can manufacture. Whether you need a large alcove for screen projection, or units designed to house pull out Gratnell Trays, there's nothing we can't accomplish.

FREEWALL - Miscellaneous....

RECYCLING POINTS: Committing to helping the environment is great but having all those different bins scattered around the office can look unsightly. By adding recycling points to your office, you can clean up the clutter and stow the bins in a concealed, yet accessible way. Our units can be fitted with all manner of cut outs and recycling ports, allowing you to access the bins even when the doors are closed. Need extra security too? We can create specially designed confidential waste units for the disposal of more sensitive materials, all while maintaining the high end look of our storage wall.
DISPLAY AREAS: Got awards and accolades about the office? Maybe you have a couple of cover designs you're proud of? Why not give these things their own dedicated space with our storage wall solutions. We can create all manner of display units, from modular alcoves with glass doors, to more bespoke units with sloping shelves. Enhance your achievements with our help and give people a reason to stop and marvel.

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LOCKERS: Freewall's locker storage wall systems are top of the range in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Why settle for cheap looking metal monstrosities when you can fit your spaces with our MFC locker units? Give your storage that joinery feel. With a massive range of locks at our disposal, you can have lockers that work in any situation. Whether it has a dedicated owner or needs to be single use with a re settable code. We won't stop until you're totally satisfied with your new lockers.
PRE-BUILT UNITS: As opposed to storage wall, which is supplied as flat panels and assembled on site; we also supply pre-built, ready to go units, that can be placed in the desired areas and used immediately. These units are incredibly versatile and can be designed with almost all elements of standard storage wall in mind. Need them to function as lockers or alcoves? Not a problem. Our design team will work tirelessly to make sure these pre-built units look and operate exactly how you require, with nearly endless options for storage solutions.
COSYWALL: Storage isn't everything in your office spaces; why not mix things up a little with our Cosywall storage wall system. Designed to seamlessly integrate our storage solutions and custom-made seating sections that come in a wide range of colours, our Cosywall could be just what you're looking for to brighten up your office.