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Superior Storage Solutions offers this comprehensive range of easy install cloakroom seating and storage units with a wide choice of options and accessories, ensuring you’ll find exactly what you are looking for. Ideal for use in schools, staff cloakrooms, changing rooms and sports centres, our range includes bench seats, benches, hanging benches both single and double sided, hook benches, wall mounted benches and wall mounted shelf and rails all with a host of options and accessories. All benches and seats are manufactured to the highest standards in a choice of six exciting colours to match your interior, and come with adjustable feet for ease of installation. Our cloakroom furniture frames are constructed from robust, thick wall tubing with welded joints for strength and durability and are available with both solid hardwood or food grade polymer slats. All our timber comes from suppliers with positive reforestation policies, is supplied from sustainable forests and our food grade polymer slats are manufactured with the same high performance anti-bacterial elements that go into all powder coatings used on our lockers and cloakroom products. The innovative under bench shoe baskets and shelves offer the perfect solution to maximising storage space and keeping floors clear of clutter. Our full range of cloakroom benches are offered in numerous lengths with all floor-standing benches available as single or double sided for maximum flexibility. Our plastic cloakroom furniture range features a variety of products for use in cloakrooms, changing rooms, swimming pools and gyms. Manufactured from non-porous hygienic PVC and anodised aluminium, these units will never rust, rot or corrode and are resistant to moisture, chlorine, salt, grease and acid. They are very strong whilst also being lightweight, offering an ideal and stylish solution for a wide variety of applications. If you’re looking for high quality changing room benches then look no further, we’ve got the solution for you.

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Changing Room Benches

Dimensions of a changing room bench can differ depending on who they’re designed for and whether you choose a bespoke length. Typically, the height of changing room benches is 450mm high for adults, 400mm high for teenagers and 350mm high for young children. Changing room benches are useful for a variety of sectors. From gyms, offices, leisure centres and schools, it’s important to give people a space to change and store their belongings. Aside from ensuring people have a comfortable space to get ready in, changing room benches also help to minimise the risk of trip hazards and keep your facilities tidy. The type of changing room bench that is best for you will depend on the size, style, and layout of your changing room. For smaller changing rooms, wall-mounted or one-sided changing room benches are ideal because they take up less space. You could also consider a changing room bench that has coat hooks and rails built into the framework (or separate coat hooks and rails to mount to the wall) if your changing room has limited space for lockers. For larger changing rooms or changing rooms with high traffic, it may be prudent to install double sided changing room benches as people can get ready on either side of the framework and you can save wall space for lockers. Another option is to install under locker changing room benches as this allows you to provide space to change and lockers to safely store belongings without compromising too much on space.

Single-sided benches: These types of benches are often placed next to a wall and are also a great seating option for cloakrooms.
Double-sided benches: Double-sided benches feature seating on either side of the bench’s framework so they can seat more people at a time. This type of locker room bench is designed to be in the middle of a room where people can access them from either side.
Wall-mounted changing room benches: These types of benches feature brackets which are fixed to a solid wall with robust frames.
Freestanding benches: A freestanding locker room bench can be placed anywhere in a changing room and can be moved to suit your needs. If you decide to move a freestanding bench to another area of the room, you can do so easily.
Benches for lockers: You can also find benches which can be fitted with lockers. This is ideal for locker rooms as there is an area for people to securely store their belongings as well as sit and place their clothing as they change.
Benches with coat hooks and rails: We also supply changing room benches with additional features such as coat hooks. These are ideal for facilities that are short on space as they offer an extra storage solution whilst helping to prevent items of clothing and personal belongings from causing a trip hazard.

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