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YUKON is a professional shelving rack system characterised by quality workmanship, solid construction, and variable layout. The shelving rack construction allows screw-less assembly while maintaining high strength and stability. YUKON stands for metal shelving racks that adapt to virtually every customers archiving and storage needs. A sophisticated shelving rack system that is well-used in many areas, it is particularly suitable for Archive and archiving shelving racks, Warehouse shelving racks, Depository Storage, Handy shelving racks, Workshop shelving racks, Garage shelving racks and Shelving racks for cellars and storerooms.

YUKON is a versatile shelving rack system that can provide a suitable solution for optimising your warehouse management. YUKON shelving racks contribute greatly to improving the supply and storage processes of different types of items by creating suitable conditions for storing them. The basic design of YUKON metal shelving racks has a wide range of applications. Other shelving rack modification or extending them with appropriate accessories can adapt the arrangement of shelving racks tailored to the storage of a particular assortment, or it allows a variety of combinations of different types of goods that you need to store. They suit for archiving corporate documentation perfectly, whether it’s stored freely, in files or archive boxes. They are very serviceable in warehouses for products, packaged as well as stacked goods or spare parts. Museums and galleries can use these shelving racks in warehouses to store their collections, both in open and closed shelving rack units. The use of YUKON shelving racks in hotel and accommodation facilities and hospitals is also evaluated very positively and they also find great use in schools and educational facilities. YUKON shelving racks can also be widely used in workshops, manufacturing and processing operations. Finally, these shelving racks can be used in households - most often in a storeroom, cellar or they can help you finally bring some order to the garage and arrange everything clearly in a small space. The basic specifications of YUKON metal shelving racks are described with the structure design and individual elements of the shelving rack system. The information below can practically describe the material structure of YUKON shelving rack system and its individual elements. The professional shelving rack system has the following features: quality processing, rigid construction, and variable layout. YUKON shelving racks are made up of three basic elements - supporting frame, shelves and strengthening beams. Shelving rack frame consists of uprights, top covers, and bases under the uprights. Shelf is composed of crossbar shelves and panels in the appropriate dimensions. Strengthening beam varies according to the way of placement and comes in two options - such as cross bracing or "H" continuous profile. The shelving rack structure is designed for screw-less assembly, of course, while maintaining high stability. Surface treatment – galvanised or painted finish - are made of sufficiently thick coatings which guarantees excellent shelving rack properties, including long life, representative appearance and easy maintenance. The undisputable advantages of the shelving racks include the design of individual structure components: Narrower uprights provide more space along the length of the shelf, resulting in a wider clear dimension for loading archival items or goods into the shelving rack. Low profile and smaller adjustable step allow the stacking of more shelves while maintaining the shelf height. The shelf edge height is only 30mm and the shelf adjustment is 25mm within the shelving rack height. YUKON shelving racks are manufactured from certified steel and statically calculated profiles of individual components to secure declared shelving rack load capacity. By combining individual shelving rack parts, the required load capacity as well as the unit dimensions variability are achieved.

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RACK DIMENSIONS: YUKON shelving racks excel in dimensional variability. The shelving racks can be assembled in virtually any configuration, of course, with regard to modular dimensions. Within the same unit, it’s also possible to vary the height as well as the depth of the individual shelving rack uprights. YUKON metal shelving racks are available in these basic dimensional modules: Shelving rack heights: 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500 and 5000 mm. Shelving rack depths: 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 and 1000 mm. Shelf length: 550, 700, 850, 1000, 1150, 1300 and 1500 mm. By combining the dimensions, we can comply with the requirements of the vast majority of customers and help them to solve their storage problems. Thanks to the use of appropriate shelf lengths, we will achieve the best possible use of the space in the entire length of the shelving rack unit. The units do not have to have the same deep shelves all along their length. If the situation requires (for example, a narrowing around the upright or radiator) or based on a simple customer requirement, the shelf depth can be changed continuously. The possibility to change the height of the shelving rack and the number of shelves above each other in the individual uprights of the shelving rack unit is then a matter of course. It should also be borne in mind that the dimensions are modular, i.e., rounded to the numbers which simplify the design creation of shelving rack units. The modular dimensions of YUKON shelving racks help us to better understand the dimensions of each shelving rack component. When designing shelving rack units, it is, however, necessary to consider the actual dimensions within the usable space so that the new shelving rack fits in the given space. In a simple way, it can therefore be stated that the shelving rack unit is 18 mm longer (half the shelving rack upright width) at each end, and in each joint of the shelving rack unit the overall dimension increases by 5 mm. Also, the depth of YUKON shelving rack is increased by the uprights overhang, which comes to 25 mm (for the entire shelving rack depth).

RACK LOADING CAPACITY: Load capacity is an important aspect of any shelving rack system and the YUKON shelving rack system is no exception. The load capacity of the shelving rack determines the possibilities of storing the required goods or material. YUKON shelving racks achieve very good results in terms of load capacity. Thanks to the unique shelf structure that consists of individual panels, it is possible to choose the load capacity from a relatively wide range of options. The bends of the individual panels form the supporting ribs at the bottom of the shelf, which allows achieving the load capacity in virtually all areas using the shelving racks. The combination of different panel widths and the material used creates a wide range of load-carrying capacities that suit almost all storage requirements. Whether it's regular archiving and storing documents, using shelving racks for warehousing to store goods and other products, or even in workshops and service shops where you need to store spare parts, semi-finished products, or other materials. The shelving rack uprights don’t lag behind the load capacity of shelves as they always have a sufficient load capacity for the required number of shelves in the given shelving rack upright. The loading of a particular shelving rack upright is determined by the number of shelves that the shelving rack contains, their spacing and the height of the first shelf from the ground. Shelving rack uprights are manufactured in different material thicknesses to adapt to the intended application and load capacity to a maximum. YUKON shelving rack frames are sized for sufficient toughness and safe transfer of the used load of the fully loaded shelving rack. YUKON shelving rack system shelves guarantee a high load capacity that can be guaranteed provided that the material stored is evenly distributed over the shelf and the load is not just in one point or just on a small area of the shelf. Proper storage therefore guarantees not only the safety of the stored goods, but also the health of the shelving rack operators. The same cannot be guaranteed if the material is stored inappropriately. It is also important to note that even if the shelving rack system and the shelves themselves have a high load capacity, this does not mean that it is possible to use individual parts of the shelving rack structure to climb the shelving rack or to use it as a support for other storage devices and structures. Exceptions are the cases when this has been accounted for in the actual design of the shelving rack unit.

RACK FRAME DESIGN: One of the most important parts of any shelving rack is the frame or shelving rack uprights from which it consists. The shelving rack’s total load capacity depends on them. They transfer all load to the floor and provide the stability of the shelving rack unit. For this reason, the shelving rack frame is the basic element of the shelving rack. YUKON shelving rack system is also outstanding thanks to the well-designed upright that combines high strength with a lightweight construction. The profile of the upright is calculated so that it can be as narrow as possible, taking up the least amount of space and minimising the shelving rack’s use restrictions. Its construction is also strong enough to carry the required load. A YUKON shelving rack upright consists of a hollow steel profile of approximately square shape with two front projections. Its cross section is slightly reminiscent of the letter "T". On the sides of the upright, there are rectangular holes in a 25 mm raster that are used to hold the crossbar shelves. The hole spacing also determine the height adjustability of the shelves. At the front of the upright, there are holes for the strengthening beam attachment and other shelving rack accessories. The uprights are equipped with a cover on the upper end to prevent damage to their edges when storing on the top floor of the shelving rack. The lower end of the upright is set into a base which helps to distribute the load evenly into the floor. Depending on the required load capacity of the shelving rack, the base can be either plastic or metal.

RACK SHELVES DESIGN: Shelves are an important element of the shelving rack unit. Together with the frame, they form the supporting parts of the shelving rack structure. Shelves form a horizontal supporting surface where goods or other materials are stored, and therefore, there is a great emphasis placed on their design, material, and construction. The biggest advantage of YUKON shelving rack system shelves is that they are made-up of individual panels. Each panel has a three-fold edge at the bottom, which has a grid function and increases the stiffness and load capacity of the shelf. The transition between the panels within a single shelf does not create any significant edges, so the upper side forms a continuous plane. Another notable advantage of YUKON metal shelving racks is the shelf thickness, which is only 30 mm. Thanks to this, our shelving rack system achieves better shelving rack usability, because it’s possible to place more shelves in one upright above each other. With the same number of shelves, it also provides a greater spacing and a light dimension between the shelves. The YUKON shelving rack system shelf consist of two basic elements, i.e., a load-bearing crossbar shelf and a panel. One shelf is made up of two crossbar shelves that correspond to the depth of the shelving rack, and an appropriate number of panels. The length of panels then indicates the length of the shelving rack upright. The crossbar shelves provide shelf attachment in the shelving rack frame. The crossbar shelves design creates a relatively complex shape, which must secure adjustable and firm connection with the frame, as well as provide a stable support for the panels. This is managed with suitably chosen material and sophisticated profiling of the crossbar shelf’s individual parts. The length of the crossbar shelf always corresponds to the depth of the shelf. The panels provide a support surface for storing goods in the shelving rack. They are produced in three widths (100, 200 and 300 mm) and the depth of the shelf is composed of a combination of these widths. Using the appropriate widths also achieves the required shelf load capacity. The panel lengths, which are also the length of the shelf itself, range from 550mm to 1500mm. This wide range of lengths allows for considerable variability when creating the shelving rack units. Thanks to their combination, it’s possible to satisfy any shelving rack system requirements in almost every space.

ACCESSORIES: The supplied accessories significantly extend the using options of YUKON shelving racks. The accessories are mainly used to improve sorting stored goods or to store special and non-standard products. They also allow simultaneous storage of an incompatible item within one shelving rack unit. The following types of accessories are available for YUKON shelving racks: Side and rear panels, Side stops, Partition dividers, Wardrobe bars, Dividers and Wing or sliding doors. The most used types of shelving rack accessories include side stops and side panels which prevents stacked material from slipping towards the side. The side panels are embedded into the shelving rack frame and can be made in galvanised or painted sheet metal, as well as mesh. Side stops are mostly used when storing files and documents. The side stop is formed by a "U" profile inserted between the frame uprights. It is clipped with hooks. The stop can be set to the desired height in 25 mm increments, the same holes in the uprights are used for hanging the shelves. The shelves on the YUKON metal shelving rack can also be equipped with sliding stops that can be placed in any position along the shelf length. It’s used to prevent stored material from flipping, which most often is a documentation type. The advantage of the mobile partitions is that you can place them in the desired shelf place, so you can use them as end stops. Wardrobe bars are an appropriate element for hanging clothes on hangers, or other material to store in a vertical position. The dividers divide shelves into individual segments for storing small items such as fasteners, electric materials, or various fittings. If you need to prevent unauthorised access to the shelving rack, it is also possible to use doors on the shelving rack, in addition to the side and rear panels. Doors can be classical winged or sliding, depending on the area where the shelving rack is used, or simply depending on the user's requirement. Doors for YUKON shelving racks can also be unsecured, but in most cases the locking option is used.

CERTIFICATION: The YUKON metal shelving system has several certifications, i.e., it belongs to the certified shelving rack system that complies with the strict criteria of different users. The certificates awarded show that quality is paramount for us, and we put great emphasis on the implementation of YUKON shelving racks. YUKON metal shelving racks are manufactured within the EU where production takes place in automated operation, which minimises the risk of manufacturing errors and the individual parts of shelving racks reach high accuracy tolerances. To produce YUKON shelving racks, only certified steel is used which also comes from sources within the EU. The entire production takes place in accordance with the relevant European standards.

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USE OF YUKON SHELVING RACKS: ARCHIVING RACKS - YUKON metal shelving racks are most used for archiving documents and prints, as suggested by their name - archival shelving racks, sometimes referred to as archive or file shelving racks. Do you need to archive files or other prints? YUKON shelving racks are the right option for you. The sophisticated design provides efficient storage for archive materials, especially in files or archive boxes. The narrow uprights allow maximum shelf life for virtually the entire length of the shelf. The low-profile height of 30 mm together with the 25 mm adjustability allows you to completely utilise the entire shelving rack height. This allows you to build multiple shelves above each other and the required storage space will be retained. It’s always possible to find a suitable solution that makes sure that there is no unnecessary unused space in the shelving rack. If you mainly store lever-arch files, we recommend the standard 300 mm depth for a single-row shelving rack and 600 mm for a double-sided shelving rack. If it’s archive boxes you are storing, we recommend the standard 400 mm depth for a single-row shelving rack and 800 mm for a double-sided shelving rack. STORAGE SHELVING RACKS - The storage of common goods and materials is one of the most common ways of using metal shelving racks. Therefore, the YUKON shelving system is very popular in all kinds of warehouses. Due to its variability, it can be installed in both warehouses where stock is moved manually as well as warehouses with extensive facilities. The shelving racks can be designed and arranged according to the current needs of your warehouse, so they provide a clear arrangement of products into shelves and easy loading and unloading. The interesting advantages of our YUKON shelving rack system include the variability of assembly, which makes it possible to continuously change the depth of the shelving rack within a single rack assembly. This way you can efficiently and completely fill various corners and niches of storage space with storage shelving racks. An appropriately designed arrangement of shelving racks and aisles allow efficient planning of logistics processes. By default, the shelving racks are designed for manual handling, which at a higher level must be carried out from safe devices. MULTI-STOREY RACK WAREHOUSE - YUKON shelving racks are very flexible; one application being creating multi-storey warehouses. Multi-storey warehouses use the height of storage space that divides into each floor very well and efficiently. This increases the storage capacity very well while maintaining the original floor plan. With a YUKON shelving system, you can build a multi-storey warehouse, especially if you have a high ceiling with limited floor space. For a one-storey or two-storey warehouse with the required height, we can design sufficiently sized long uprights, whereby the shelves are mounted at the given spacing. In the location of the walkway (floor), we can make a floor, which is made of either steel grids or chipboard. The floor forms a service platform for shelves in the upper parts of the shelving rack. The individual floors are connected to the staircase. For ease of handling during storage, the floors can also be provided with transfer gates for lifting stored material with a fork-lift truck. Multi-storey warehouses with YUKON shelving racks are most used in archives for storing files, documentation, and printouts, but also for various goods or spare parts in service and repair shops.

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